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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  November 19, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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today. if your forecast holds true, it might be cold enough to be inside for the a good movie. uh-huh. we want to be inside. >> cold next weekend. see if the king can take on harry potter. >> that's right. thank you for watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m., i'm andrea roane. friday, we're glad you're here, i'm mike hydeck. we start with howard and the weather first. >> it's a chilly morning. we're looking at next weekend, it may be this warm for highs next weekend as it is right now for current temperatures. keep that in mind. >> your day planner on this friday morning. it is a cool one out there. 38 in washington, 46 by noon. -- by 9:00 rather. noontime 51, 5:00, 52. 54 for the high today, a couple degrees below average for this time of year. clear to partly cloudy skies out there. a lot of areas seeing a chill out there, 37 in manassas, 41
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at reagan national, 36 gaithersburg. cambridge is one of our warmer spots at 45 degrees. we're currently 41. traveling forecast today, visibility 10 miles with a west wind at five. at the moment there should not be any problems flying out. going anywhere in the eastern half of the u.s. looks really nice, atlanta, memphis, st. louis in the 60s, chicago 53, a chill in boston and new york, they'll be 45 to 50. here's angie goff with your time saver traffic. we are taking off at 6:00, right now overall, no major complaints. i finally have better news for you. i want to let you know the bw parkway that had been closed all morning long southbound between 197 and 198 as we take a closer look, everything has cleared out of the way. the delays should be clearing as well. 95 always you can use that as an alternate to avoid the remnants of that crash activity. 270 fine out of frederick. moving it outside we do have a little volume building, starting around the germantown road area
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toward i370. over to the graphics again, we want to show you travel times. eastbound 66 you're doing fine from fairfax county parkway, the dulles toll road six minutes from 674 towards the capital beltway. the inner loop itself not too shabby between 395 and the dulles toll road. still ahead in your next traffic report at 6:11 a focus on prince george's county roads. back to you. taking a look at what's happening today, the jury resumes deliberations in the chandra levy murder case. jurors metaphor a second day thursday but did not reach a verdict. defendant ingmar guandique is facing murder charges in levee's disappearance and death in 2001. and the investigation continues today into the gruesome death of an ohio mother, her young son and a family friend. their bodies were discovered thursday stuffed in garbage bags. the mother's 13-year-old daughter was found alive last weekend. president obama has just
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landed in portugal for the nato summit. 28 leaders and their allies are expected to formally endorse a timetable to start handing over security to afghan forces next year and for them to take full responsibility by 2014. this would be a great weekend not to venture anywhere near the southern half of the beltway. >> drivers should expect major delays thanks to and most likely you've heard this one before, construction on the wilson bridge project. 9news now reporter kristin fisher joins us live from project headquarters in alexandria with suggestions on avoiding this traffic nightmare this weekend. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, andrea and mike. i'm actually now standing on what will soon become the capital beltway's outer loop local lanes right here in virginia. before this roadway is open to traffic, we got to get through a whole lot of construction first. joining me now to talk more about that, he's been with us all morning, chris, the project engineer for the wilson bridge
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project. chris, i want you to just kind of explain to our viewers this split right here is the split that's going to be causing all sorts of confusion this weekend. how is it going to change saturday and sunday? >> well, starting tonight we'll be closing off the access from the outer loop to the telegraph road area. that's going to be telegraph road north and southbound. huntington, north kings, even the eisenhower avenue from here. so that's all going to be closed off during the weekend. >> reporter: that split right there. >> that split right there. and the traffic going there, that will be closed off. the ramps will be restored sometime midmorning to midday on saturday. the ramps will be restored, but we'll still be down to, you know, only two lanes passing through. >> reporter: clearly if at all possible you don't want to drive anywhere near this area this weekend. what would be the best alternate route? >> utilize the route
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1 interchange for access to this area or local drivers obviously, you know, will find their own short cuts and all, but the route 1 interchange is the way to go. >> reporter: okay. all right, chris, thank you for being with us. again, for all of you watching the key areas, the key times to avoid this area are going to be from 11:00 p.m. tonight until noon on saturday and again all of this should be mostly back to normal by the morning rush on monday. back to you. thank you, kristin. at 6:05 here's a look at what happened while you slept. >> u.s. park police are searching for answers after a pedestrian was struck and killed on the bw parkway. police got a call at 1:30 about a body in the road just north of route 197 exit in laurel. they say the victim was hit and killed trying to fix their car after it broke down. police say the driver who hit the person stayed on the scene. however, a tour bus swerving to avoid that crash ended up getting stuck in the mud in the
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median. d.c. fire crews rescued six people from burning apartment building on kennedy street in northwest just after 10:00 last night. the fire started in a first floor apartment and spread to the second floor. smoke detectors quickly alerted residents giving most enough time to escape. three of the people who were rescued are in serious condition from smoke inhalation. the cause is unknown. metro is blaming the incident wednesday at the farragut station on construction crews. in fact, a document from metro's own website released in april shows an $11 million budget request for track maintenance and to fix 2steel ceiling beams at farragut north. of the 588 escalators in the metro system, 10% of them have recently had brake problems. in fact, 50 had major problems apparently. 40 needed brakes completely replaced. 10 had risky or leaky brakes.
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16 are out of service completely because they are waiting for brake pads. jim graham says that could have been 50 more incidents like the one at lafonte plaza on october 30th. that's when brakes failed sending 16 people to the hospital. metro safety chair says the agency will do monthly instead of quartly maintenance. seven minutes after 6:00, another your money report. jessica doyle is here with how to keep kids busy during the holiday road trips, guaranteed to avoid that question are we there yet? >> sometimes it pays to spend a little of your money on stuff to keep the kids entertained in the back seat, so they are not constantly are we there yet? >> here are ideas, movies are a great idea, but sometimes the kids get car sick. so what do we do? we listen to books on cd and tapes and they can too. you can check out the book
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store and the library. travel size board games, battle ship, candyland, bingo. some have magnetic pieces so you don't lose the battle ship in the back seat. this one i love, window cling sets, washable markers. the kids draw all over those things, play board games like tic tac, toe, and baby wipes in the back so they can clean themselves. black friday hotel deals? >> yes. this is so funny to me. apparently the shoppers are booking hotel rooms by the mall to be the first in line when the doors open at midnight. and we found some deals for you. we want to show you, courtyard by marriott, the crown plaza and the ritz-carlton in tyson's corner know this is happening. they have shopping packages ready. $99 to $279 a night. the deals also include a breakfast buffet, coupons and other amenities. tyson's is doing midnight
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madness opening at midnight with various door busters. >> $279 a night, wow. >> but also too, how much will you use the hotel if you get up in the middle of the night to go shopping? >> that's all i'm asking. >> cyber monday deals? >> talking about starwood, you have sheraton, westin, ws, saint regis. starwood will offer one day wonders for discounts at future travel resorts. oceanfront rooms at the westin in fort lauderdale, $179 instead of 309. western maui, 299 instead of 419. starwood cyber monday page, see the deals there. and you can buy discounted rooms. the rates are good for travel between january 1st and april 30th. so you book just that one day and travel next year if you want to. that's not a bad idea. thank you. our time right now almost
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6:10. portable defibrillators are as water fountains in malls and other places. >> a man who is living proof that a portable defibrillator can save your life.
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welcome back, 6:11. a chill this morning, lots of 30s, to low 40s. mid-40s by 9:00, sunshine today, 51 at noon, 53 at 3:00. clear and 50 at 6:00 p.m.
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we'll have your weekend forecast in four minutes. here's angie with your time saver traffic. everybody as promised, we are looking at prince george's county roads. here's a closer look at the bw parkway, that looks clear. 301 and route four and five are accident-free as well. coming up in your next traffic report, a look at 66 in virginia. thank you, angie. a look at the headlines moments ago president obama and air force one landed in portugal. he is there for a nato summit. at the top of the agenda an exit strategy for the war in afghanistan. the 28 nato leaders and their allies are expected to formally endorse a timetable. leaders want to hand over security to afghan forces next year and for them to take full responsibility by the end of 2014. the investigation continues today into the gruesome deaths of an ohio mother, her young son, and a family friend. their bodies were discovered
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thursday stuffed in garbage bags inside a hollowed out tree. more than a week after they disappeared. a house ethics committee is asking censure for new york congressman charles rangel, the strongest punishment short of expulsion. he was convicted of ethics violations including improper fund raising and failing to report income. the recommendation will go to the full chamber which will probably vote the week after thanksgiving. members are expected to endorse the committee's decision. nearly 300,000 americans collapse each year when their hearts stop pumping blood. automated external defibrillators are designed to restart your heart. defibrillators can save lives if used within minutes. you see them at sporting venues, office buildings, recreation centers even in malls. lee went into cardiac arrest in september after a freak accident in virginia. there was a defibrillator
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nearby. he was surrounded by people who knew how to use it. he celebrated his 35th birthday and ran a half marathon. >> i was lucky, absolutely lucky to have the people here and the equipment here to take care of me. >> many people don't realize that some key defibrillator parts can expire. here to show us how to tell when it's time to replace those parts so it's in proper working order is sergeant michael forest with d.c. fire and ems. sergeant forest thank you for being with us this morning. i think when we see these on the wall at our buildings, places where we work or visit we're confident, but we didn't realize there are parts that expire. which parts expire? >> well, a lot of times we have this de at any bribe later pads, people buy pads and think they last a long period of time. it has an expiration date. >> we'll show that expiration date. and this one says 2011,
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february 28th. >> yeah. and another thing, with the manufacturer, a lot of people fail to realize when you open the pads you have to use them within 24 hours. when they're exposed to air. >> those are the self adhesive ones? >> do they dry out? because of the adhesive gel on the pads, if they're real hot, exposed to hot temperatures they can melt or if it's real cold they can freeze. >> what about the battery? that should be of concern, right? >> yes, the main thing with the battery, a lot of defibrillators, you see on the screen, it lets you know the battery status. once you take the battery out, some batteries like this new machine right here has an indicator on the battery letting you know. >> a green light. >> and it does have an expiration date. what happens is the older machines used to charge them up. with these machines you have to make sure you check the batteries on a regular basis. >> how often? >> in the fire department, we
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normally do it every morning. we go into the fire houses and everything because they run so many calls. that's the only thing, when you have a system that runs a lot of calls you have to basically check them on a regular basis. the batteries don't last a long period of time. >> in an office building we should catch them regularly? >> you should have a designated person to check the machine every morning. so that way if someone uses it the night before and forgot to replace something, it will be ready for the next use if needed. >> no point in having a lifesaver if it isn't in perfect operating order. sergeant forest will be back with us at 6:45 to show us how to use a de at any bribe defibrillator properly. >> forecast requires a jacket and gloves too. it's clear to partly cloudy, 30 to 43. sun is not up for
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another 35, 40 minutes or so, 6:55 and sets at 4:52. the day planner today, sunny skies, 46, at 9:00. northwest winds five to ten through midday. 51 at noon. then start to turn west to southwest this evening, about 5 miles per hour. clear skies at 5:00, 52 degrees, looking for a high near 54, 55. the outside story, another nice weekend on tap for us. this is going to be seven in a row. this may be the last of the nice weekend, we have rain moving in late tuesday, wednesday. keep that in mind for thanksgiving travel. next weekend looks cold, potentially, this is still early, potentially 30s and 40s for highs. 36 in college park, columbia 38, freezing in sterling and reston , haymarket 42, below freezing at fort belvoir, 31. and this morning 38 in rockville
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and arlington, national 41 degrees. west winds at five, relative humidity 73%. we really are in pretty good shape again today. a few clouds have been passing overhead this morning. skies are generally clear right now. high pressure nearby will give us a good day, and keep the winds from being too strong. five to 10 miles per hour. could have an occasional gust higher than that. i don't think it will be too bad. chilly through the day, especially northeast. this weekend the front to the north, this will give us a warm day in a sense we'll be seeing winds become more south, southwesterly on saturday. it doesn't come through till saturday night. behind is another little shot at cooler air. a chillier day sunday with highs sunday only in the low to mid 50s, kind of like today. but tomorrow we shoot to 60. the friday football forecast tonight, chris temperatures in the 40s, low 40s by 9:00, so you'll want that throw, the extra sweatshirt, gloves, hot
6:19 am
chocolate, go to for updates on the game. >> 60 tomorrow, going to the maryland game, going to fedex for penn state and indiana, i'll be there. sunday down to 54. next week mild, low to mid 60s, but by wednesday here comes rain and cold after thanksgiving. not too many things going on out there early on this friday. i would love to keep it that way. taking a wide view of the maps, looking for yourself as we move over to virginia inside the district, outside the district, no major tie ups at this time. in fact the one we've been following all morning has cleared out of the way on the bw parkway southbound between 197 and 198. still jammed at 32. as we take a closer look at 66 eastbound, surprisingly outside, lanes are wide open approaching the beltway. we'll check on your travel times now, taking you over to the outer loop from 95 to 270 in
6:20 am
the green. 270 itself though starting to really slow down around germantown road to shady grove. and d.c. 295 no problems toward the 11th street bridge. in your next traffic report at 6:31 we are going to take a look at 270 and those growing delays. back to you. thank you, angie. what's the deal with the maryland terps? >> they had a pretty impressive showing going at least when they started playing the fourth ranked pitt panthers. until it was time to hit shots from the charity strike. we'll be back at 6:20.
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it is 6:23, welcome back. we have a cold morning out there. some areas are below freezing. most of us are in the 30s, by the bay a couple 40s holding on. this friday, be happy about that, 45 by 9:00, currently 41 at reagan national.
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noontime temperature sunny and 51. high of 54. drive home temperature generally clear skies, 52 degrees, mike and andrea. thank you, howard. in sports it's a busy time for the terps. and news from the football team. and struggling from the free throw line. brett has more in this morning's sports. >> good morning. gary williams lay awake in his new york hotel room sweating through two pair of pajamas, did he the math. maryland lost to fourth ranked pitt by nine points in a game in which they missed 16 free throws. at madison square garden, terps went 14 of 30 from the charity stripe. guess what they'll be practicing this morning? they made pitt sweat, tucker blowing by the defense, he had 17. terps down three with 12 minutes to go. baron hard to the rack gets fowled. tied the game at 46. the terps never could take the lead in the second half. woodall, gorgeous mount pass to
6:25 am
brown. terps fall 79-70 their first loss of the year. in charleston it was the opposite shooting day for georgetown. the hoyas hit 14 three-pointers against coastal carolina. they hit the same number of three-pointers that maryland hit free throws, 14 out of 30. hoyas win by 19. they play wafford today. maryland football, big news. ralph region will return as the head coach next year. maryland was two and ten last year. they are seven and three now. it was thought he might give way to offensive coordinator james franklin at the end of the year, but he will not. that is a quick look at sports. for all of you who waited on line last night to see the new harry potter movie, i'm mad eye moody. have a great friday. too funny. consider this your warning, avoid the wilson bridge this weekend. oh boy, construction project set to start could make your
6:26 am
leisurely saturday drive feel like a monday. take a look folks live from sky nine, billowing smoke, crews on 270 approaching montgomery village avenue getting a car fire out. we are seeing some big jam ups. i'll tell you about it when 9news now returns. stay with us. ♪
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selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. friday, thank you for starring your day with us. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. howard bernstein is on the weather terrace. >> 41 overlooking city. i believe that's the capitol. >> from virginia looking at the capitol in d.c. beautiful over to you howard, fantastic stuff. >> good looking morning out there. the sun's coming up in 25 minutes. it's cold. if you're car is outside, likely it has frost on the windshield. that may cost you a couple minutes. this friday it's going to be a good one, albeit a chilly one. our day planner has a lot of sunshine here as we start with temperatures in the 30s, mid-40s by 9:00, 41 right now at reagan national. 51 by noon. by 5:00 after we top out around 54, we will be at 52. sunset ago few minutes before 5:00. 41 at national, 37 in manassas.
6:31 am
fredericksburg 35. 36 in frederick, oakland and garrett county down to 30. garrett county i talk about that a lot, a lot of folks ski at whisper, seven springs, even snow shoe. the ski areas will open in the next few weeks. 42 in annapolis. up to 46 by 9:00 a.m. some areas still in the lower 40s in the valley and up north. midday plenty of sunshine but cool. 52 at culpeper. 48 martinsburg, andrews air force base at 49, cambridge 51. through the afternoon topping off in the low maybe mid 50s. drive home temperatures upper 40s north to low 50s here in town. so a good looking start to the day. right now 6:39. here angie with your time saver traffic. thank you, howard. good morning, everybody. we want to let you know i am going to kick things off with a red light and take you outside the live conditions from 270 southbound. this is approaching montgomery
6:32 am
village avenue, 124. car fire, crews on the scene. they have it all under control here. it is still taking away a couple right lanes. it looks like they could be out there for some time. the good news is no injuries involved in this. the bad news is that commuters, this will cause a headache. you will be jammed from father hurley , that is going. and before that, you're slow from 80 to 121 as we zoom out, you can see how this is really stacking up. if 270 is the way that you go, i would reconsider. and the picture speaks for itself. the real time graphics, the outer loop, no major incidents or accidents. moving it outside from 95 to 270, we are watching taillights stack up. a good amount of congestion. travel times, 66 eastbound from the fairfax county parkway to the beltway, 14 minutes, usually only takes ten. wilson bridge no complaints. d.c. 295 in the clear toward
6:33 am
the 11th street bridge. andrea, mike, back to you. we'll have a look at 395 in virginia at 6:45 coming up. thank you, angie. a lot of people beginning the getaway to grandma's house this weekend. do anything you can to stay away from the southern half of the beltway. >> this is a project that's been talked about for years. it's going to be going this weekend. we're talking about of course the wilson bridge project. >> and 9news now reporter kristin fisher joins us from project headquarters in alexandria with suggestions on avoid wag everyone says will be a traffic nightmare. >> that's right. good morning, we are actually just about a little over 12 hours away this from this start of this portion of the construction project. it will mean shutting down various lanes of the capital beltway outer loop, local lanes. he's been with us all morning, chris, the project engineer. i want to start by asking you how bad could this be for drivers this weekend? >> it's going to be a
6:34 am
significant impact to traffic on the outer loop. we're going down to one lane between 8:00 p.m. tonight and midday tomorrow. so, as you can see, there is a lot of volume out here. it will be a significant impact. i'm suggesting everybody take an alternative route. >> reporter: let's talk about the alternative route. you don't want to be where we are. what should drivers be taking? >> if you have to come on the beltway, just be prepared for delays, but if you want to get to the telegraph road area, huntington avenue, north king, that area in there, i suggest you use route 1 interchange to get to huntington avenue and back around to telegraph. if that's what you have to do, but i would suggest taking other routes if you can. >> reporter: all right. drivers will heed your warning hopefully. thank you for being with us throughout the morning. andrea, mike, by this time
6:35 am
monday morning where i'm standing right now, this will be the capital beltway's new outer loop local lanes right here in alexandria. so let's keep our fingers crossed that these guys are able to make that happen over the weekend. back to you. they can't blame it on weather. howard says it will be good. get the work finished by the weekend. seven people including a firefighter are recovering after a fire thursday night in northwest washington. we brought you this as breaking news last night at 11:00. the fire began couldn't first floor of a building on kennedy street near first street. it quickly spread upstairs. firefighters rescued six people all suffering from smoke inhalation. at last check all six were in serious condition. the firefighter twisted his ankle while rescuing someone. we have an update on that body that was found in a box in frederick county. a road crew on i-70 made the discovery near brad dock heights exit. the victim has been identified 36-year-old jacobo
6:36 am
vasquez of the 1100 block of massachusetts avenue northwest. district police say he was shot to death last friday and stuffed in a cardboard box. it was found along the highway last tuesday. a felony arrest warrant has been issued for 34-year-old marvin polancis of high yachtsville, he was seen driving a gray or green honda odyssey minivan with maryland plates pal-ncia. if you have any information, please call police. in news where you live this morning, a neighborhood hang out is getting a makeover, the capital city brewing company is expanding into the vacant space next door because the capitol hill location is losing it's lease. so owners are moving nine of their 15-barrel fermenters into their virginia hub. you can find more news where you live at at 6:36, time for our final
6:37 am
your money report of the morning. >> consumer news now, jessica is here. >> good morning. two of bernie madoff's associates, part of his inner circle have been arrested. they face federal fraud and conspiracy charges after allegedly profitting from decades from his multibillion dollars ponzi scheme. the arrest is two years after madoff was arrested for an estimated $65 billion fraud. prosecutors say the women helped execute trades but only on paper. one maintained her own account and allegedly withdraw 14 and a half million dollars over the years. madoff is serving 150 years in federal prison. if you are looking at the local economy last year, you might have said, what recession? at least on paper. that's because the local economy, bucked the national trend. the region's two how 9gdp, more than $717 billion. in d.c. maryland's economy, the
6:38 am
economy grew. d.c., maryland and virginia if they were a country it would be the world's 16th largest economy behind the netherlands and ahead of turkey due in part to the fed ram ral government. in the future you may get cell phone service from your cable provider. cox is becoming the first to cell wireless, taking on at&t and sprint and usa today reports that cox will offer service in hampton roads, virginia and orange county, california and may move further. its trying o to distinguish itself for crediting $20 a month for wireless minutes they don't use. this will be very value oriented for a lot of folks. there is a lot of competition. >> they tried this a couple years back, it failed. they're trying it again. thank you. >> sure. we explained earlier how properly maintained defibrillators can make the difference between life and death.
6:39 am
how to properly use one is one everyone should know. we'll show you. the prime time line up, kicks off with medium at 8:00 p.m., csi new york is at 9:00 and the new cbs cop drama blue bloods is at 10:00. and join us at 11:00. we'll be right back. my "me time" is when i thought i parked on level 2.
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okay. weather first, 6:43, howard we have a weekend coming up. you're going to a football. a lot going on. >> if anybody has not raked leaves, this is the weekend to do it. the long-range for next weekend is a cold outlook. >> and your communities are coming by and sucking them up is that right? >> that's right. getting them out of the way. >> i think you should mulch them, and mulch them and it's a bed around trees and bushes, it protects them from drying out and protect them from the cold as well. let's go to the
6:44 am
bus stop forecast. >> i'm not going over to mulch for you. i suggest you do it. it's good practice. >> it's clear to partly cloudy, chilly. 30 to 43 at the bus stop. sun up in 11 minutes in washington. it will set at 4:52 this afternoon. our day planner today, sunshine, a couple clouds, mostly sunny at 9:00, 46. northwesterly winds, six, eight, 10 miles per hour. 51 at noon. high today around 54 with 52 being the projected temperature at 5:00 p.m. under clear skies. another day, we have to get through this. how do i have two in the show? we'll look at it a second time, sunny skies, 6:00 at 50 degrees. satellite and radar combined, you have a couple snow showers up in new york state some passing clouds in maryland, west virginia and pennsylvania this morning. a lot of areas have seen clear skies and that means cold temperatures with light winds. down in the 30s most spots. big cities on the east coast,
6:45 am
lower 40s, norfolk 47 degrees. locally it's down to 31 at fort belvoir, that's a colder reading with sterling and reston behind at at 32. 35 bethesda, howard county columbia is 38. crofton is 38. and andrews and prince george's county. and springfield 38 degrees also. kristin fishers cold outside by the bridge project. 41 at national with a west wind at 5 miles per hour. not much of a wind chill. high pressure across southeast. the northwest another storm system, sure to follow the jet across here, the northern part of the country. north of the jet it's really cold. there is a lot of subzero temperatures in parts of western canada. that cold air is coming toward us toward the after thanksgiving period. high pressure dominates our weather today, tonight and tomorrow. this front will slide through us saturday night. sunday will be a chillier day, tomorrow warming to around 60.
6:46 am
tonight friday football forecast for the playoff, mid-40s to start, low 40s to finish, clear to partly cloudy. it will be a cold one. has your action. cold tomorrow 52, 54 on saturday for a high. and sunday 54. warming up nicely to start the week. monday and tuesday into the 60s, late showers tuesday and rain on thanksgiving eve for commuters. 41, 6:46, time saver traffic. creeping closer to 7:00. i am turning on my red light because we have a bad drive to tell but on interstate 270. let's look at the live conditions, via sky 9, this is a view from above. things getting better, the car fire going 270 southbound approaching montgomery village avenue is out. it looks like the car has been loaded on the tow truck. notice two right lanes are taken, drivers jammed back to
6:47 am
father hurley . and then from 80 to 121 before that. moving to the map we want to focus on virginia's 395. this is where we're tracking our biggest delays starting to grow. 395, outside seeing a lot of volume between duke over to seminary. the good news you're still okay approaching that 14th street bridge. quick check on travel times, doubling the time on the roadway on 66 eastbound. outer loop in maryland from 95 to 270 is 18 minutes. down toward d.c. 295 taking seven minutes. at 6:58 have a look at your top traffic stories of the morning. over to you. thank you, angie. earlier this morning we showed you how important it is to check the expiration date on de at any de at any bribe later parts. we learned this morning, there are different kinds. here are two examples. >> the first type of machine that we have in the fire department is semi automated
6:48 am
machine. thisman you turn on and off, and it tells you what to do. >> i have the two pads, one is on. you say put one on the side. and i'll turn it on. we've plugged it in. and it says. >> it calibrates itself for a few seconds. >> connect, push, analyze. >> push the analyze button. >> stand clear. >> it's always important that the machine is charging, give people clear commands. stand clear, when it's charging, shock advise. it will let you know when it will shock. you look around, before you hit the button, say clear one time. >> clear. >> say clear again. >> clear. the patient jerks, you start your commission. >> start cpr. >> two minutes of cpr. here is the two minute timer. >> the automated machine is different. a lot of places have automation. when you open the cover it activates itself, okay. it does a self calibration.
6:49 am
>> tear open package and remove pad. >> remove the pads, tear open package and remove pads. >> and you place it on the patient. from there the machine does everything for you. so with this machine, it can be very dangerous if you're not paying attention because once it says tear open package and remove pads, it charges. the person there is going to be shocked. >> these are pediatric pads. the maximum weight on the pediatric pads are 55 pounds. some machines have pediatric switches. the ones like we use in the fire department we have a reducer on it. so instead of the child getting a full shock, it reduces the jolt. >> you say this is for a child zero to 55 pounds. >> right. right. >> and the maximum weight is 55 pounds. after 55 pounds you pretty much have to go with the adult pads. >> if people have questions about what to get in their own homes or offices, the fire department will help you and advise you won't they? >> that's one of my
6:50 am
specialties, community outreach, teaching cpr and we do a lot of senior groups and a lot of community outreach in reference to how to use the machine. the one thing i really want to say, if you decide to by one, get a maintenance contract so that way if you have any issues or problems they can come in and check your machines, check your pads and everything else as opposed to letting it sit on the wall collecting dust. >> exactly. good advice. sergeant michael forest thank you for being with us. happy holidays to you. this is a good way to be safe during the holidays. >> thank you. coming up the house will take up a serious issue when it returns from thanksgiving break. >> how should congressman charles rangel be punished for violating house ethics rules? >> here is our game of the week. >> time for us to reveal this week's game of the week. more than 18,000 of you voted online and your choice was
6:51 am
liberty at briar woods, we're going to ash burn, virginia to see the evergreen district champs take on dulles district champs. that game will get extended coverage tonight at 11:00. cast your vote for next week's game at our website. we'll see you tonight at 11:00.
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welcome back, 6:54, chilly out there. 30s and 40s, 44 reagan national approaching 7:00. 45 degrees by 9:00, maybe even 46 or so. 51 by noon. 52 at 5:00 p.m., with a high of 54. it is 6:54 this friday morning, a bit of news before you go. >> authorities in aruba want to know if a jaw bone belongs to natalee holloway. she was the american teen who vanished on the island in 2005. dutch authorities are not sure if the jaw bone is human.
6:55 am
the early show begins in five minutes. >> right now maggie rodriguez joins us. >> good morning to you. new details out of london where there could be an official announcement of the location of the royal wedding any second now. we're live with the latest this morning. also here at home as the search for k yron horman stretches from summer to fall, the stress is taking a toll on all involved. we sad down it kyron's father. will dave complete his journey from alaska to new york? will he arrive before the end of the show? we'll find out this morning and tell you more about his wonderful coat drive. its coming up this friday on the early show. back to you. thank you. our time right now is 6:55. one more check of traffic and weather when 9news now returns. keep it here.
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. 54 today, milder tomorrow at 60, cool again sunday. mild next week until we get to thanksgiving where we'll have wet weather wednesday and cooler and damp on thanksgiving morning. angie. 270 southbound at montgomery village avenue, 124, car fire cleanup continues. it takes two right lanes -- looks like they've opened up, the delay from father hurley should be clearing. wall street quickly? >> we had a triple digit gain yesterday. looks like we're following that up with a rally this morning. the early show is next with more on the triple murder investigation in ohio. >> our next newscast is at noon. >> we'll see you then. >> until then


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